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Bridal Consignment Shop

When thinking of shopping for a wedding, most minds often begin to think of how expensive it can be. From entertainment to caterers, and venues to dresses, wedding costs can add up to gigantic numbers quickly.


Here at Blessing Brides Ministry, we believe that you don’t have to break the bank to have the wedding of your dreams.


With our bridal consignment shop, your bride can shop for her dress and all things dress related at an affordable cost. Whether it’s wedding gowns or veils, Blessing Brides is sure to have options for you.


There are plenty of bridal shops out there, so what makes us different? Keep reading to find out!

Second Hand Products, First Rate Quality

Here at Blessing Brides, we believe in an affordable wedding experience for everybody. Regardless of your financial situation, your wedding does not deserve to be any less magical than anybody else’s. That’s why we offer quality second-hand wedding dresses. 


Wedding dresses are used just a few times in your life, there’s no need to pay a fortune for it. While we recognize the importance of your wedding dress, we also recognize the importance of saving money wherever possible. Other brides also recognize this importance, that is how we’re able to provide you with such an array of beautiful affordable dresses. 


At our bridal consignment shop, everything that we supply to you is provided to us in the form of donations. These donations come from brides themselves, who want to share the beauty of their dress with you. Since all of our products are donated, we go through a rigorous screening process before accepting any donations. 


Before accepting any donations, we screen for three main categories. The first category we screen for is damage. We want to make sure that this dress has been adequately cared for, so you can enjoy it as if it were new.  If the dress in question has any forms of damage, it is not accepted. The second category we screen for is cleanliness.

Again, we want to make sure that this dress has been loved, cared for, and stored correctly. If the dress is not provided to us in a clean condition, we do not accept the donation. Lastly, before accepting any donation, we ensure that it is pre-loved. Ensuring a dress is pre-loved means that it passes our other two categories with flying colors. When we make sure that all of our dresses have received love and respect from their prior owners, we know that they’re good enough for you to wear.


Our mission at Blessing Brides Ministry is to help you find the perfect dress for your perfect day. When other brides donate their gowns to us, that’s what they’re saying too.

Newly Wed Couple

Contact Us Today!

Have you been looking for a bridal consignment shop near you? Look no further! Come pay us a visit at our store location in Downingtown to see what items we have in stock.


Or, you can look at our online bridal consignment shop to have a taste of what we offer.

We want to help you find your perfect dress, contact us today to get started!

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