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More About Our Bridal Shop

Blessing Brides Ministry is a bridal shop located in Chester County that offers discounted dresses and accessories at affordable prices.

Unlike other bridal shops, blessing brides’ dresses are often preloved and donated. Truly, we ensure that every dress is well-cared for and as beautiful as the day it was first worn.

Planning your special day can be expensive, that’s why our bridal shop is doing everything we can to lessen those costs.

With dresses ranging upwards of thousands of dollars, our collection is small but mighty as we carry an array of sizes, colors, and styles for more than half the price.

Continue reading to learn more about our bridal shop.

Selection and Collection

Many of our collection of dresses come from donors or donation events where we handpick the best of the best so our selection can have something for everyone to choose from.

Indeed, we know the importance of inclusivity and variety.

Details include:

  • Dress sizes from 2 to 28

  • Colors such as cream, white, beige, ivory, and any other colors we come across

  • Old, vintage, modern, and new styles 

  • Assorted accessories such as gloves, veils, and more

As a second-hand shop, we keep our items neat and they will always catch your eye. At Blessing Brides Ministry, you can find the dress for less.  


Blessing Brides Testimonials

Each day at our bridal shop, we help brides find the perfect dress for their perfect day.

Our staff are trained and talented individuals who want to see a bride leaving with a smile on her face and a gown in hand. Our goal is to make this a memorable experience!

Our clients are over the moon with their dresses and can’t wait to wear them. For questions, comments, and more, give us a call today!

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