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Designer Wedding Dresses

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Designer wedding dresses shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to get your hands on. Shopping at traditional bridal boutiques and retailers can have you breaking the bank on a designer wedding dress that’s supposed to make you feel amazing. Instead, you leave feeling like you spent too much money. 


Here at Blessing Brides we offer designer wedding dresses at a fraction of the cost, promising to leave you, and your wallet, happier. You may ask yourself, what brands of dresses do we offer? How big is the price difference between other boutiques and Blessing Brides? Keep reading to find out answers to those questions and more!

Designer Dresses, NOT Designer Cost

Blessing Brides prides itself on being an affordable place that helps brides find the dress that makes them look and feel the best. While other bridal boutiques and dress shops charge thousands of dollars for designer wedding dresses, here at Blessing Brides, we charge up to half the price. 


We understand that not everybody has the time or resources to spend thousands of dollars on designer wedding dresses, but that doesn’t make you any less deserving of a perfect dress. With several famous designer options, we’re sure that you’ll find something perfect for you, and perfect for your bank account.


What brands of dresses do we offer? Read below to find out!

Perfect Dresses For Your Perfect Day

Whether they’re donated or pre-owned, Blessing Brides has a plethora of designer wedding dresses for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a plus sized or petite dress, or a vintage dress, or a new release; Blessing Brides has the options for you. With options by famed designers in every size and style, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect dress for your perfect day. 

We are currently offering dress made by celebrated designers such as:


  • Oleg Cassini

  • Faye

  • Maggie Sottero

  • Tiny Dancer

  • Joyful

  • Paloma

  • Galena


Our options and designers are always changing, so make sure to stop in or contact us for update options!


Find your perfect designer wedding dress today at Blessing Brides. From the price, to our knowledgeable staff, to our dress selection, we guarantee you an experience that’s almost as special as your special day.


Save yourself and your wallet some stress by shopping with Blessing Brides for all your wedding needs. Contact us today!

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