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Benefits of Local Bridal Shops

As we all know, shopping at small businesses is important. When you shop at a local business, you’re doing two very important things. One, you’re spending your hard earned money within your community, which continues to allow businesses to thrive, wherever you live. Two, you’re supporting somebody’s dream without even thinking about it.

Both of these things apply to Blessing Brides, but there’s a third benefit that you’ll find here that cannot be found in most other local bridal shops.

Want to find out what it is? Keep reading to find out!

Local Bridal Shops Offer Shared Experiences

If you didn’t know already, Blessing Brides is a bridal consignment shop. Different from other local bridal shops, this means that we take veils, trains, dresses, and other wedding accessories that have already been used by other brides, and we give them a new home.

That means, when shopping at Blessing Brides, we can offer you an experience that other local bridal shops cannot. We specialize in selling pre-loved wedding dresses and accessories. Now, you may be asking yourself what “pre-loved” means.

When a dress comes pre-loved, we think that it’s better than when it comes new. When you get an item from Blessing Brides that is pre-loved, it means a few different things.

First, this means that the dress was properly taken care of when it was used. We look for gowns where the integrity of the dress has been upheld, there are no rips, tears, or stains. This goes to show that the former bride respected the dress and all it meant to her.

Next, we ensure that the dress was stored properly when it was not being used. Improper storage of delicate items like wedding dresses can often lead to passive damage of the dress, something we avoid. Ensuring the dress was properly stored also reassures that the former bride truly loved this dress, and did not want anything to happen to it, even when she wasn’t using it.

Lastly, we want to make sure that whoever this gown is coming from wants somebody else to enjoy it. We cannot, in good faith, take away somebody’s wedding dress without their expressed want to let somebody else share in the magic it brought them.

Once a dress fits all of these requirements, we deem it fit for Blessing Brides. All of our requirements are equally as important as the last, and go towards bringing you an experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Connect With Blessing Brides Today!

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or a loved one, Blessing Brides offers you something that other local bridal shops can’t. A wedding is already inherently special, but you can make it feel even more special with a dress from Blessing Brides.

When you shop with us, you’re allowing small businesses to exist in your area, supporting our dream of finding you the perfect dress, and forming a new connection with whoever previously owned your dress. What more can you ask for?

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