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What Should I Do with My Wedding Dress?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “what should I do with my wedding dress?”

After the wedding you worked so hard to make come to life, all the hours spent planning, finding a venue, writing guest invitations, and scoring the perfect gown, where does it go?

For many women, their wedding dresses tend to be hidden in a closet or in a box under the bed for safekeeping. We completely understand the sentimental value and what it represents to you!

Yet, some of us wonder what to do with it anyways? Some women may simply keep it away, save it for future children or grandchildren, or wish to wear it again if they host a renewing vows ceremony.

However, the next biggest and greatest adventure that gown can take is being gifted to another bride. Interested in learning more about donations? Keep reading!

Reasons to Donate

If you’re thinking about getting rid of your wedding dress, there are numerous reasons why you should donate it to Blessing Brides Ministry in Downingtown.

As a nonprofit organization focused on making women feel beautiful in their wedding dresses without breaking the bank, Blessing Brides receives many of our dresses through donations or donation drives.

Truly, some of the many reasons to donate include:

  • Giving to someone who may not have as large of a budget but still wants a fairytale-like gown

  • Helping your dress have a second chance at seeing the light and its beauty being enjoyed by others again

  • It’s not your style, size, or color anymore and you hope someone else will enjoy when you did on your wedding day

  • Saving space under your bed or in that closet. Downsizing and donating your dress can be a great partnership

  • Sparing your dress from being ruined if not properly stored or having it end up in a thrift shop where it may be mishandled

  • Donating to a good cause to help those be savvy and beautiful all at once!

No matter the reason you’re considering donating your wedding dress, know that it helps more than you realize. Every day, women look for an inexpensive way to still find the wedding dress of their dreams and we want to help nurture that at Blessing Brides.

One of a Kind

At Blessing Brides, our dresses become one of a kind when you donate them.

We’re unlike other bridal shops because we only carry the dress you donate. Furthermore, we accept dresses of every shape, color, size, and age. Some of our patrons love vintage gowns while others are looking for something more modern and classic.

Unfortunately because we rely on donations, our inventory is limited. Yet, that makes it all the more sacred.

Former brides who donate to our boutique mean they make someone else’s dream come true. We know how hard you searched to find your dress, and new brides are searching just as hard for something as magnificent, but on a lower budget.

Donating a wedding dress is a one of a kind experience for both donors and purchasers. There’s a connection between you, the dress, and the bride-to-be that you may never thought of.

Reach Out Today

If you’re still wondering “what should I do with my wedding dress?” then you should change that question to how can I get in contact with Blessing Brides Ministry in Downingtown.

Well, we’d love to hear from you! Leave a message or give us a call today to donate or find your dream dress.

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