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What Type of Fabric is Best for Wedding Gowns?

With so many options to choose from on so many different dresses, it can be hard to figure out what type of fabric is best for wedding gowns. Of course, this question is personal and may change depending on who you ask, but most of the time our favorite wedding dresses are all made from the same few.

Want to find out what materials you should choose from when picking out your wedding gown? Check out our list down below!

Best Fabrics for Wedding Gowns

  1. Tulle

    1. Although you may not know this fabric by name, tulle is one the most common fabrics used to make long, flowy dresses. Often accompanied by a top of lace, silk, or polyester, tulle is used to make layered, voluminous bottoms. This fabric is sure to help you achieve a stunning silhouette and cements itself as one of the best types of fabrics for wedding gowns.

  2. Crepe

    1. Crepe is a type of silk-blend fabric that clings to the skin and accentuates a body’s natural curves. This type of fabric is great for brides who want to stun their audience with a natural look. It can also be used in extremely versatile ways, ranging from plain white minimalist dresses, to embroidered and embellished statement pieces. If you find yourself looking for what type of fabric is best for wedding gowns, crepe is for you.

  3. Silk

    1. One of, if not the most, common fabrics for wedding gowns, silk has a special place in our hearts. While it’s an extremely common fabric, no two dresses are ever the exact same. It can be used to style elegant ball gowns, or accentuate your curves on a more tightly fitting dress. Whatever your style, silk is always a safe bet.

  4. Organza

    1. Similar to tulle, organza is used to create long, flowy dresses. Although these fabrics are similar, the dresses they create are very different. While tulle is typically only used to create flowy bottoms of more traditional dresses, organza is used to create an entire dress that moves and breathes around you. This fabric is a great one to use if you’re going for a non-traditional approach to your wedding dress.

Contact Blessing Brides Today!

Whichever fabric is your favorite, you’re sure to find options that will suit you at Blessing Brides. Our mission is to provide every bride with their perfect dress, all without breaking the bank. That means even traditional silk ball gowns are affordable!

Feel free to schedule an appointment to come look at our full stock of dresses, or check out our online shop for a taste of what we have to offer. With any questions on fabrics, sizes, or styles, please contact us. We want to be able to put you in your dream dress.

To get the process started, contact us today!

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