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Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

Pre-owned wedding dresses are a great way to find the perfect dress for your perfect day, all while saving money. Blessing Brides has an extensive collection of pre-owned wedding dresses in any size and style you can think of. If you love thrifting and love saving money, Blessing Brides is the perfect place for you to find your wedding dress. 


So what type of dresses do we offer? How can you be sure you’re getting the best possible quality? All of the questions and more are answered down below. Keep reading to find out!

Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses Save Money and Stress

Buying pre-owned wedding dresses is a great way to save money while planning your wedding. Wedding dresses typically are not used more than a few times, so you’re more than getting your money’s worth buying pre-owned. Typical wedding boutiques and dress shops charge thousands of dollars for your wedding dress, but at Blessing Brides, you’ll pay no more than a couple hundred dollars for the dress of your dreams. This leaves extra money in your budget for other pressing expenses, or maybe even an extra day on your honeymoon!


When we’re accepting pre-owned wedding dresses here at Blessing Brides, we make sure that every dress we accept meets our highest standards. Before accepting and selling any dresses we ensure that each dress has been cared for and stored correctly in the time it hasn’t been used. In addition to this process, we make sure each dress is thoroughly cleaned before being listed for sale. 


Our goal is to provide you with the pre-owned wedding dresses available, for the best price. If a dress has not been taken care of and loved by the previous owner, we do not accept it. Here at Blessing Brides we only accept pre-owned wedding dresses that meet or exceed our standards. We want you to love your dress as much as the previous owner loved it.


So what type of dresses do we offer? Check out our list below!

Newly Wed Couple

Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses of Any Size and Shape

At Blessing Brides we offer a plethora of options for pre-owned wedding dresses. From plus sizes and petites, to vintage and new releases, we’re sure we have the perfect option for you. Currently in stock, we’re offering dresses by:


  • Oleg Cassini

  • Vintage Gown

  • Maggie Sottero

  • And more!


There are a limited number of options on our website, so feel free to visit our store to see all of these dresses and more in person!

Contact Us Today!

All of us at Blessing Brides are dedicated to providing you with the best pre-owned wedding dresses that money can buy. Save yourself time, money, and stress by coming to Blessing Brides for all of your wedding needs.


Contact us today!

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