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Wedding Ball Gowns

Wedding ball gowns are arguably the most popular type of wedding dresses of all time. With such a rich and storied history, it’s impossible to go wrong with choosing one.


Regardless of your wedding type, be it traditional or alternative, a wedding ball gown is guaranteed to help you look and feel your best on your special day.


Here at Blessing Brides, we have an assortment of wedding ball gowns for you to choose from. No matter what your size, taste, or budget, Blessing Brides is dedicated to helping you find the best dress for your big day. Keep reading to find out more about our ball gown selection!


Only the Best For Our Brides

Since Blessing Brides in Downingtown is a second-hand bridal shop, we uphold a quality control standard like no other.


When dealing in the business of the best day of your life, we want to do everything in our power to be able to make your day perfect. 


This is why we only accept perfect dresses. If a bride truly loves her dress, she’ll make sure that it’s well taken care of, even after it’s not being used anymore. We want to share that love with you.


When accepting dresses, we go through a rigorous screening process, ensuring that they are clean, undamaged, and pre-loved. Once a dress passes all three of these categories, we’ll list it for future brides. 

Wedding Ball Gowns for Everyone

Here at Blessing Brides, we pride ourselves in being a company that can serve every bride. No matter your size, style, or budget, we want to help you find the perfect dress. Wedding ball gowns are some of the most popular dresses that we receive, so there are plenty of options for you to choose from. 


To view our full selection of wedding ball gowns, please visit our store location in Downingtown. In the meantime, we have a few selections listed in our online catalog. Such as:

  • A vintage wedding ball gown

    • Made completely out of silk!

  • Sarah - by Maggie Sottero

  • Brit - by Paloma

  • Ashley - by Galena

Our online store is always changing, so remember to come back and check for more options!


Wedding ball gowns are always popular choices, so they always go quickly!

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Connect With Us Today!

Wedding ball gowns are the perfect dress for any wedding ceremony, no matter the season or location. If you’re unsure if a wedding ball gown is for you, pay us a visit!


No bride should have to buy a dress without seeing it on themselves first. Our expert team at Blessing Brides can help you find the perfect dress for you, even if it’s not a ball gown.

Ready to find your perfect wedding ball gown? Connect with us today to get started! Blessing Brides is dedicated to helping you find the perfect dress for your perfect day.

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