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What Are Some Options for Affordable Wedding Dresses?

Wedding planning can be more expensive than we like to admit. After you find your dress, you still have to pay for caterers, flowers, music, and a plethora of other things. If you spend too much on a dress, you might have to compromise or cut other things in order to stay within your budget.

Regardless, your wedding is your special day and you shouldn’t have to worry about not having the things you need in order to have a perfect wedding. That’s why looking at options for affordable wedding dresses might be right for you.

Keep reading to find out our top picks for some of the most affordable wedding dresses out there!

Affordable Wedding Dresses Don’t Compromise Style

Just because you’re looking for affordable wedding dresses doesn’t mean you have to compromise beauty or style. Check out these beautiful dresses that are the right fit for any wedding!

  • Lulus Special Moments White Crochet Lace Two Piece Maxi-Dress

    • This gorgeous, unique dress by Lulus offers a totally unique look and an unbeatable price point. This is at the top of our affordable wedding dresses for good reason. Retailing at just 79 dollars, this dress is perfect for any wedding venue. The crocheted material makes it comfortable and breathable, while still maintaining that breathtaking quality that traditional wedding dresses have. Plus, the top and skirt are individual pieces, so you can continue to wear each individual piece well after your wedding!

  • Zara Linen Blend Midi Dress

    • The next on our list of affordable wedding dresses is a gown that simply exudes elegance. This sleek gown is made from a linen blend, making it both comfortable and breezy. The sleek, elegant nature of this dress makes it easy to accessorize, or maintain a minimalist look by leaving it plain. Selling for 90 dollars, this tight fitting dress is sure to accentuate your curves and bring all eyes on you as you walk through those church doors.

  • Lalagen Women’s Floral Lace Long Sleeve Mermaid Style Dress

    • This selection on our list of affordable wedding dresses is the number one bestseller on Amazon, and for good reason. This off-the-shoulder gown provides the perfect mix of sophisticated and casual. Not to mention, the mermaid style skirt that accentuates the curves on any body type. Plus, it’s our most affordable dress, retailing for a mere 53 dollars!

Contact Blessing Brides Today!

You don’t have to compromise style and beauty when looking for affordable wedding dresses. Here at Blessing Brides, our goal is to be able to provide you with your dream dress for your special day, without breaking the bank.

Our selection of pre-owned, affordable wedding dresses will allow you to look and feel your best while also saving on money. Plus, you get to form a special connection with other brides that you won’t get anywhere else.

With Blessing Brides, the search for affordable wedding dresses is over. Contact us today to learn more!

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